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T3s|4 o/ dr|z3d - grabbed 6 files with plenty of seeders from Postman's 'popular'. After more than a day, they each remained stalled. For example, I see Stalled (Connected to 23 of 28 peers in swarm). Not a single byte has been d/led in 24+ hours. Any ideas?
dr|z3d are there any seeders connected to the swarm?
T3s|4 Have replicated the same snark behavior on another rig
dr|z3d are there any seeders connected to the swarm?
dr|z3d ie check the peers for each torrent, seems unlikely they're all missing a seed, but who knows.
T3s|4 is their direct way to check the number of seeders on a stalled torrent?
T3s|4 *there
dr|z3d hit the peers button.
dr|z3d any peer seeding will show a heart instead of a progress bar.
dr|z3d it'll also show you if you're being throttled (red dot)
T3s|4 sorry, forgot about the peers button, plenty of purple hearts under each file, but the files themselves are only showing progress bars
T3s|4 with 0% progress, ofc
T3s|4 a few sporadic red dots, but 95+% are green
dr|z3d what about other downloaders?
dr|z3d do they all appear stalled?
dr|z3d also check snark's message logs, see if there's anything informative there.
dr|z3d also, usual advice. try stopping and restarting torrents.
dr|z3d and if they're large torrents, check local storage for free space.
dr|z3d also check the status of peers on postman's tracker info page.
dr|z3d this the thing you were working on, your side hussle?
zzz day of research, half day of c
zzz of hackery
dr|z3d I like. good work. has potential.
dr|z3d can we get it in svg flavor? :)
zzz was a struggle finding the right map / projection, could probably find better with more work
zzz with an overlay then you could autorefresh it. sure with svg you could do all sorts of stuff
zzz the map could stay png or webp
zzz the two line colors are client and expl tunnels
dr|z3d so you're plotting your router's connections.. figures.
dr|z3d that one's fairly basic.
zzz just tunnels, not connections
dr|z3d yeah, right, gotcha.
dr|z3d this one's also interactive, webgl, 3d.
zzz not any map will do, has to have a specific projection, dimensions, and limits
dr|z3d maybe, maybe not. if the map itself has country codes embedded, the projection shouldn't matter, no?
dr|z3d what projection are you using? mercator? robinson?
zzz if you don't know the projection how would you know where to draw things?
dr|z3d if the countries and regions are tagged, then you'd know.
zzz WGS-84 aka Web Mercator aka 85 degree limit
zzz no it doesn't work like that
dr|z3d have a look at this:
zzz you don't look in the image to find where a country is
zzz I don't need links from you googling for 5 seconds. I spent a day researching this.
dr|z3d I'm just nudging you in the general direction of not requiring a specific (bit)map to plot on.
zzz not possible
zzz you have to know the projection, dimension, and limits of the map you're using, or you can't convert lat/long to pixels
dr|z3d yeah, that's the old school method. new school is you inject your overlays directly into the svg using the tagged countries.
zzz perhaps with some magic special svg, but not for an arbitrary png/jpg/svg that you think looks pretty
dr|z3d that's why I linked you
zzz there's also no support for your injection in jfreesvg, even if I could use it, which I cant
dr|z3d forget about jfreesvg, not relevant here.
dr|z3d with something like cartosvg you can embed whatever data you like, or you'd use javascript to do it yourself. or both.
zzz sure, throw out java awt, throw out jfreesvg, start over with making or modifying svgs in java or js, sounds like misery
dr|z3d sure, if you were going to build a complete solution from scratch, it probably wouldn't be much fun. but leveraging an existing package that does 90% of the heavy lifting for you, different.
dr|z3d in other news, those zzzot errors have gone, mostly, except for clients sending typo'ed announces. WARN:oejs.ServletHandler:Zzzot Jetty-129: /annouce.php
dr|z3d which gives me an idea. blocklist time.
dr|z3d as for cartosvg, it seems mostly you'd just need to figure out how to get the netdb stats exported as a json file.
dr|z3d once you've got that in a format it's happy with, you can import interactively to test on the demo app:
dr|z3d you'd probably just want to use the demo json file, though, and add the Known routers and other optional fields as required.
dr|z3d router would auto-export the json file on a timer, so you could auto-update the svg with current netdb stats. ajax refresh to reload.
dr|z3d default json format goes something like this:
dr|z3d "name": "Afghanistan",
dr|z3d "alpha-2": "AF",
dr|z3d "alpha-3": "AFG",
dr|z3d "region": "Asia",
dr|z3d "sub-region": "Southern Asia"
dr|z3d "name": "Albania",
dr|z3d "alpha-2": "AL",
dr|z3d "alpha-3": "ALB",
dr|z3d "region": "Europe",
dr|z3d "sub-region": "Southern Europe"
dr|z3d Blinded message
zzz easy to be handwavy about using some arbitrary package when your official policy is to violate licenses, here in the real world it's not so easy
zzz also not sure which is better as the base map, a globe raster image or a country-boundary vector image
dr|z3d looks like Iran isn't going away any time soon. Still #2 by router count here.
not_bob Iran was invented 30 years ago. It was a mistake.
snex and Iran. Iran so far away. Iran both night and day. couldnt get away
dr|z3d you too will go far. dumb and dumber :)
dr|z3d I bet you've got matching haircuts as well.
dr|z3d *** grins. ***
snex i shave my head
dr|z3d were you following the conversation earlier re netdb world map?
snex i dont even see that
dr|z3d if you have scrollback, see earlier.
snex i just see a lot of graph discussion
dr|z3d search for cartosvg in your scrollback, you'll get to the right place.
dr|z3d I was suggesting to zzz that instead of a static bitmap of specific dimensions required to map the countries, we could use a dynamic js/svg map with json import.
dr|z3d is what I'm suggesting might be a better fit.
dr|z3d And then, latterly, I thought of you, seeing as you seem to like json.
snex what are we trying to do, do a heatmap of routers on a globe?
dr|z3d something like that, with optional tunnel client/exploratory tunnel mapping (the lines on zzz's image)
dr|z3d with json imports, we could overlay more data, not sure what, but it's doable.
dr|z3d maybe layers with toggles.. could map routers by b/w tier, floodfills etc.
snex might wanna check out too
dr|z3d lightweight is good. we don't want something too heavy, or complex. cartosvg seems to untick both of those boxes.
dr|z3d but yeah, openlayers looks kinda interesting.
snex im trying to see how to draw clusters on carto, not seeing it
dr|z3d I think you'd just do a heatmap and tint the region/country based on router count.
dr|z3d because we don't have more info than that, so clusters in our context is just x routers in y country.
snex i did some really complex shit with google maps once. im guessing the API here isnt much different
dr|z3d that said, mapping realtime connections between routers could make for an interesting presentation.
snex i wonder if i still have that google maps code...
snex ooo i do
snex (dont tell the company i wrote this for)
dr|z3d your secret is safe with the channel (and major) :)
dr|z3d if we had (and I think we can get it) city level geoip data, something like
snex dont we?
snex we have the maxmind db included i thought
dr|z3d not with the default geoip db, that's country only.
snex im pretty sure the city level one is also free, it just takes more db space
dr|z3d yup, exactly. we can get it.
snex 50MB vs 5.3MB
dr|z3d yeah, right. that's why we don't ship it :)
dr|z3d that's future stuff, anyways. first is get the netdb and router data plotted on an interactive svg.
dr|z3d if it seems like something you'd enjoy getting your teeth into, you can take the reins.
snex if i had time
dr|z3d carte blanche (no pun intended) to use what libraries you feel appropriate, but if webgl, must be an option, not a must-have.
snex maybe can fuck around with it on a random monday here and there
dr|z3d cartosvg is probably the quickest route to getting something presented, but not necessarily the best option. but it seems pretty straightforward.
dr|z3d and I do like the interactively on openlayers. that definitely has potential, not least for exanding the scope of the presented data.
dr|z3d *interactivity
dr|z3d for those that care, sd3 medium now available.
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